Children's Support Services

Swindon Women’s Aid provides a Children’s Service that offers practical and emotional support to parents and children who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse. The service is available to families living in emergency refuge accommodation or in the local community. This service offers safety, support and specialist activities to help and assist parents and children identify and overcome the negative impacts of living with violence and abuse.

We provide children with a safe, welcoming and friendly environment within our emergency refuge accommodation and have on-site dedicated Children Support Workers and a fully equipped playroom and resources for children to progress.

Our qualified Children’s Workers offer one to one key support sessions, group work and peer support activities which assist in reducing and reversing some of the negative impacts that domestic violence and abuse can have on children and young people. We also work with young people to keep them safe, feel less isolated, improve social skills, increase self- esteem and gain self-confidence.

We undertake work with children and young people in the community, promote awareness of healthy relationships and behaviours and train professionals who work with children and young people on the identification and risk associated with domestic violence and abuse.  This includes delivering training on behalf of Swindon's local Safeguarding Children and Young People board.

We provide mothers with the support to safeguard their children by offering them practical advice ranging from registering children into temporary schooling and health services to providing their child with emotional support with positive parenting.


Our Children's Service also facilitate The Children and Young Peoples Recovery Toolkit.

The Children and Young Peoples Recovery Toolkit is an 8 week programme, of weekly sessions, for those aged between 8- 15 years old, who have experienced or witnessed Domestic Violence/Abuse. There are two age groups; 8-11 year olds, and 12-15 year olds, which are ran independently of each other. The main aim of the sessions is to explore how children and young people may have been affected by domestic violence and abuse.

For more information on this Recovery Toolkit, please see the training page on our website. Referral forms can be downloaded on the training page.