How will your donation help?

Monthly donations:

How will your donations help Swindon Women’s Aid?

£2 a month:

*Welcome packs – More often than not, women need to escape in a hurry and arrive at our refuge with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. Your money could help pay for the emergency welcome pack we provide each family when coming into the Refuge; Consisting of basic items such as toiletries, nappies and food.

£5 a month:

*Information leaflets & handouts – SWA have a variety of leaflets and posters for the public, agencies and clients. Each service has it’s own leaflet providing the reader with knowledge on what the service does and how it may help. These can be sent upon request via email or calling.

*Food, nappies and essential items for a woman and a child in Refuge who have no access to public funds.

*Welcome packs for a child coming into refuge – As well as a welcome pack for women coming into the Refuge, we also provide a welcome pack for children consisting of toys, games and educational books.

£10 a month

*Outreach worker visit- Allows an outreach worker to visit one woman in her home or a safe location, helping her to plan for her safety and advising on practical issues such as housing and employment.

*Outing for children who experienced or witnessed domestic abuse – Our Child Workers ensure that children living within the Refuge as well as community service users children, are able to attend trips that they organise free of charge such as a trip to the farm, beach , swimming etc.

£20 a month

*Support for SWA Workers to educate young people about abuse and healthy relationships via training in schools. More information on the training packages we deliver is available on our training page of our website. Alternatively, please call us on 01793 864984.

Single donations:


*Travel expenses to school and back for a woman and child living within the Refuge – SWA provide travelling fee for school runs, this is important as children could have moved quite some distance from their school when coming into the Refuge.


*Help to advise a woman of her options and assist her into refuge accommodation.

*Essential toiletries for a woman in Refuge.

*One mobile phone 'top up'.

*Week’s breakfast supply for a family staying in the Refuge.

*Essential bedding for a family staying in Refuge.

*Group work session to support the recovery of a woman (Recovery Tool Kit).

*New SIM card and credit for a woman needing to change her phone number for safety reasons.


*Essential toiletries and food in a welcome pack for a family who have fled domestic violence without any possessions.


Children’s fun day- At our Refuge we hold fun days of activities for children, helping them to play in a safe and happy environment. Your donation could help them be children again by being able to express themselves and having fun!


*Domestic violence awareness training to frontline professionals.

£100 / £200

Could refurbish a flat in Refuge – Some flats within our Refuge can be left looking a little worn this can be due to a family living in the flat for quite some time or this could just be a busy family. Therefore, some flats are in need of repairs, paint jobs, carpets needing to be relayed. This amount of money can help us hugely when it comes to ensuring the flat is up to standards ready for another family to move in.