Our Partners

Swindon Women’s Aid works in partnership with a number of strategic organisations across Swindon and Wiltshire to tackle domestic abuse and to promote a zero tolerance.

Our partners include:

This strategic work is overseen by the Swindon Domestic Abuse Steering Group of which Swindon Women’s Aid is a member. This group is responsible for producing the Swindon Domestic Abuse Strategy which details how we will tackle domestic abuse, support victims and survivors and raise awareness of domestic abuse within local communities in order to foster a zero tolerance.

Our strategic work also includes working in partnership to provide effective case management and multi-agency responses to those deemed to be at significant risk of domestic abuse. We are members of the Swindon Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) which meets on a fortnightly basis and identifies high risk cases. The members of the MARAC will risk assess each case and put into place an appropriate safety plan which protects and supports the victim and their dependents; and prevents further harm.