Honour Based Violence

What is Honour Based Violence ? (HBV)

Honour based violence (HBV): Honour Based Violence is a crime or incident, which has or may have been committed to protect or defend the honour of the family and/or community.

Honour based violence is a form of domestic abuse which is perpetrated in the name of so called ‘honour’. The honour code is targeted towards women and males who do not abide by the ‘rules’ are then punished for bringing shame on the family. Infringements may include a women having a boyfriend; rejecting a forced marriage; pregnancy outside of marriage; interfaith relationships; seeking divorce; inappropriate dress or make-up and even kissing in a public place.

Honour crimes are a wide category of offences and violence committed against women.  Honour crimes are based on the beliefs, deeply rooted in some cultures, that women are objects and commodities and not human beings with dignity and rights equal to those of men.  So-called honour crime is a fundamental abuse of Human Rights.

 In 2010-2011 there were nearly 3000 cases of so-called "honour -based" acts of violence recorded by police across the country. ‘There is no honour in the commission of murder, rape, kidnap and the many other acts, behaviour and conduct which make up violence in the name of so-called honour' (Metropolitan Police & CPS).

What is a honour based killing?

These are murders within the framework of collective family structures, in which predominantly women are mutilated, imprisoned, forced to commit suicide and killed for actual or perceived immoral behaviour, which is deemed to have breached the honour codes of a household or community, causing shame. It's thought that up to 12 honour killings happen every year in the UK. They usually occur within South Asian and Middle Eastern family structures.