Influencing National Policy & Local Strategy

Swindon Women’s Aid is proactive in consulting and providing information to inform the development of national policy and legislation on the domestic violence and abuse agenda. We also work in close partnership with local strategic organisations and agencies to develop strategies and formulate appropriate and timely responses to tackle domestic violence and abuse and support the needs of victims, survivors and their children.

We work directly with our local service users and regularly consult and gain views from them. This ensures the services that are developed and delivered by Swindon Women’s aid are accessible and appropriate to meet the needs of all of our victims and survivors. We also strongly support our service users to ensure their voice is heard and their views are taken into account at both the national and local level. 

If you would like Swindon Women's Aid to assist your organisation in undertaking consultation, focus groups or surveys on domestic violence and abuse please call us on T. 01793 864984