Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs)

The Swindon MARAC meets fortnightly (though have the ability to come together within 24 hours) and are attended by a variety of agencies, including the police, probation, children services, benefits agency, mental health trust, NHS Swindon, local authority and education. Swindon Women’s Aid IDVA Service works directly for the Swindon MARAC and plays a key role in case managing high risk victims.

MARACs were launched by the Home office in 2007 and are deemed to be highly effective in protecting and safeguarding the needs of high risk victims and their children. A ‘High risk’ victim is under immediate threat of serious or significant harm. MARAC cases are identified and risk assessed by a number of agencies, including the Police, Swindon Women’s Aid, Housing Associations, Health Agencies, Social Services, Voluntary Sector agencies, Probation Service and Local Authority. A high risk victim will be consulted for their consent before they are assessed by MARAC, however in some circumstances a referral is made without consent because it is in the interests of protecting the victim.

 At the MARAC, the factual details, history and risks of each case is heard. The MARAC Chair, the Detective Inspector for the Swindon Police Public Protection Unit, will request that the MARAC members formulate a multi-agency plan. This plan is tailored to fit the needs of each victim and will offer support and protection to the victims and any children.  The MARACs aim is to provide immediate protection and support for the victim, reduce the risk of repeat victimisation and ultimately save lives.

 To ensure quality and consistency in the standard of how MARACs operate they are regularly reviewed by the Home Office.  If you want to refer someone into the MARAC please use the MARAC Referral form.