Community Outreach Service

The Community Outreach Service provides support to all victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse living in Swindon and its surrounding areas. We work with women and men, people in lesbian/gay/heterosexual relationships, people who are in fear of being forced into marriages and people who fall victim of honour based violence. We also work with young people aged 16-25 years who maybe experiencing domestic violence or abuse as part of an intimate relationship.

We will work with you...

You can access our free and confidential outreach services if you are currently experiencing domestic abuse or have previously experienced it in the past and are still living with the effects of it.  Our experienced support workers will work with you to look at your options and support you with your decisions providing you with information, guidance and advice along the way.

What we offer...

The service aims to offer appropriate and tailor made packages of support to suit the needs of the individual victims, this includes a flexible appointment system if you want one to one support and advice and support at all stages of an abusive relationship – if you are experiencing abuse for the first time or if you decide you want to leave a relationship.

All contact with us is confidential no matter how you decide to contact us - by telephone, face to face appointments or via our website. Our staff can offer you help and guidance with factors such as; housing, benefits, safety planning, child contact, restoration of family or friend relationships, support through the criminal justice system or helping you cope with the emotional effect of domestic abuse.

We also provide general information, advice and support for individuals who want to learn more about our services or who want to support a friend or family member who is in an abusive relationship.